How To Fix Netflix Error 0013?

Netflix errors are the most common question among online streamers who use Netflix on daily basis. Some Netflix users are willing to find some solutions to the Netflix error 0013.

If you are a Netflix user then you face some errors like Netflix Error Code UI-800-3, Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, Netflix Error code M7121-1331-P7 & M7111-1331-4027, Error Code 5.10 once in a whole subscription.

These are some common errors on Netflix which are announced by the official Netflix website and Netflix Error 0013 is also one of them.

When you have this error, you’ll usually see a message like this:

Netflix Error 0013

Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (0013).

Why Causes the Netflix Error 0013?

The Netflix Error 0013 occurs when there’s some problem with your network connection or some information stored in your device which needs to be refreshed.

Sometimes the error also occurs on an android tv or some other device. You will not be able to stream a single video after getting this error.

So, here are some points which cause Netflix error 0013:

  • Maybe the Wifi connection you’re using blocks online streaming apps. Some college and institutional WiFi connection block streaming so this could be a primary cause of the error. In this case, you can use VPN or Proxy to overcome this situation.
  • One simple cause of this error is our device stored so much information about your Netflix app that needs to be refreshed.
  • Maybe the new version of the Netflix app that is not compatible with your device is causing the error code 0013.

The above are some possible causes of the error code 0013. There is not an exact clarification from Netflix about this error.

On the android TVs like MI tv also faced this error. The main problem is the version of the Netflix app which you’ve installed in your device.

Netflix frequently updates its system, and sometimes these updates break the app on the device since it is facing a compatibility issue.

How to Fix Netflix Error 0013

Obviously, you want to get rid of this error and you can do this by some simple methods. So try the below steps one by one to fix Netflix Error 0013:

  1. Try Different Internet Connection
  2. Clear the Netflix app data
  3. Try the Old Version of the Netflix App

Let’s get each of these solutions in detail.

Fix 1: Try Different Internet Connection

Try to stream video with your cellular data on your device. We generally don’t advise streaming over a data network as a fix, it’s a good way to see if a current or home network configuration issue is what’s keeping you from streaming reliably.

If you’re able to stream video with a different internet connection then we advise you to contact your internet service provider to fix the Netflix Error 0013.

Fix 2: Clear the Netflix app data

Netflix stores some require files in the app data cache and sometimes this data gets corrupted and we get this error. Follow the below steps to clear the app cache:

Note:-  Clearing app data will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.

  • Navigate settings on your device and select the app.
  • Select the app manager.
  • Tap on the Netflix app and select “Clear Data” to clear the cache.

Try to Stream the video again to see your error is fixed or not.

Fix 3: Try the Old Version of the Netflix App

Sometimes, this solution helps users to fix Netflix Error 0013. It’s possible that Current Netflix versions may not be compatible with your firmware.

Uninstall the current version and install the old version of Netflix, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” under your device’s Security settings. You can download the old version of the app here.

Prevent your device to update the app automatically:

If the above method fixes your error, then it makes no sense to update your app again to the version that causes the Netflix error 0013.

You need to disable the auto app update for Netflix. To do this go to the play store and type Netflix then Click the 3 vertical dots on the top right to open the Options menu and uncheck this.

Here is the step by step process:

  • Open Google Play Store app.
  • Under my apps open Netflix App
  • Now you can see three dots under the options
  • Uncheck the Automatically Update button.

If the above solutions don’t work for you then reinstall the Netflix app or reinstall the Netflix app to solve the Netflix error 0013.


Many times Netflix faces downtime in a specific area, you need to check the Netflix server uptime on the official website of Netflix.

The simple solution to this error is to Restart your android device or TV.

Let me know in the comments, how you solve the Netflix error 0013. You can share this problem with us in the comments section below if you have a better solution.

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