Fix Netflix Error 5.8 Android | ‘There is a problem playing the video. (5.8)’

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms around the world as it has more than 200 million users worldwide.

It’s a huge number of users.

People loved to watch their favorite content at any cost, and sometimes they didn’t get what they want. Every day lots of Netflix users face so many common Netflix errors on their Netflix app.

These errors irritate them in different ways as well as they ruined their online streaming experience. Netflix error 5.8 error is also one of them.

The Netflix error 5.8 mostly occurs on your android devices (mostly on Huawei P20 Pro) and tablets. If you get this error code 5.8, the message pops up like this:

Netflix error 5.8

If you’re searching for the solutions to Netflix error 5.8 then you landed in the right place. I have dedicated this whole website to the Netflix errors and their solutions. I’m writing on Netflix errors from the past two years and am aware of every error Netflix produces.

On this website, you will get everything about Netflix error and their most effective solutions. The Netflix error 5.8 android solution is quite simple but before going to the solution we must know why the error code 5.8 occurs on your android or streaming device.

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What Causes Netflix Error 5.8 Android?

The error code 5.8 is mostly caused by two basic reasons. You don’t need any to apply lots of methods to fix this error code.

Some basic causes of the Netflix error code 5.8 Android are listed below:

  • Maybe you stored too much data on your android device that is giving the error code 5.8.
  • There may be a chance that your outdated Netflix app is causing this error code.
  • Your device’s live wallpaper could be a reason.

The cause of this error is not specified but the above-mentioned causes could be the reason you’re getting the Netflix error 5.8 on your android device or tablets.

Your Netflix app may also be the main reason behind this error.

Now, you know everything about this error, let’s get on to the solutions so that you come into the position to watch your favorite content.

Below are the reasons to fix Netflix error code 5.8 androids:

How to Fix Netflix Error 5.8?

When you get this error on your android or tables, apply these solutions to fix this Netflix error:

  1. Restart your streaming device properly.
  2. Change the live wallpaper of your android device.
  3. Update your Netflix app.

Let’s dive into the details of each solution.

Here’s the video tutorial:

Fix 1: Restart Streaming Device Properly

If you’re getting any Netflix error on your android, tablet, TV, Console, or any other device, first restart your streaming device and try to stream Netflix again.

The shutdown process of 10-15 minutes will recover your all error including error code 5.8.

restart you device

You have to follow these steps for restarting:

  • Turn off your android device or tablet by pressing the power button
  • Confirm, you want to turn off your device
  • Turn your device on after 10 minutes
  • Try to reach Netflix again

If the error still appears then the next solution can definitely fix your Netflix error.

Fix 2: Use Default Wallpaper (Most effective)

If you are using the live wallpaper on your device, this could also be the primary reason for this error code.

Some android devices are not able to play Netflix while using a live or animated wallpaper. The majority of people claim on the internet that changing the live or animated wallpaper fixes this error code.

I know this sounds weird but and you don’t even think in this way.

So change the live wallpaper first and try to reach Netflix again or you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Display
  • Choose Wallpaper
  • Select any non-animated image and select wallpaper
  • Choose both Home Screen and Lock Screen
  • Try to stream again.

Note: The steps to chance wallpaper may differ in some android devices.

Fix 3: Uninstall Netflix App and Reinstall It

Sometimes the Netflix app creates issues while playing any video and gives some errors related to error code 5.8 android. There may be a reason that you are running an old version of the Netflix app.

Netflix error 5.8

So, uninstall the Netflix app and reinstall it to fix this error.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Press and hold on the Netflix App
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Open Playstore
  • Download the New Version and Install it
  • Try to Reach Netflix Again

Note: If you delete your Netflix app you will lose all download data stored on your Netflix app.


So, these are the working solutions behind the Netflix error 5.8. I suggest you apply the second solution as it is the main reason you’re getting this error.

If you’re still getting this error after applying the above-mentioned solution then let me know in the comments section. I will surely help you to fix this error.

Let me know if you get rid of this error from some other working methods. I will surely ad your solution to the above list.

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