How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-113 | Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick

Netflix becomes one of the most favorite online streaming platforms in the online streaming industry. The company has more than 208 million users around the world who love to watch their collection of movies and TV shows.

You know having too many users also produces too many errors on any platform, no matter how big your market cap is.

Netflix produces many errors like Netflix error 5.10, Netflix Error 5.8, Error Code 0013, Netflix Error code 1001, and error code UI-113 is also one of them.

These are some of the most common Netflix errors.

So, In this solution guide, I will mention some solutions which help you to fix Netflix error code UI-113.

What is Netflix Error Code UI-113

The Netflix Error Code UI-113 occurs when there’s some problem with your network connection or some information stored in your device which needs to be refreshed.

After getting error UI 113 on your Netflix app, you will not be able to stream any Netflix video on your device.

When you get the error code on your device, you will see a message like this:

Netflix error code UI-113

Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. Code : UI-113

There are three most possible reasons behind this error: Internet connection and your streaming device. The Netflix app could also be the culprit behind this error code UI 113.

What Causes Netflix Error Code UI-113

The actual cause of the issue could not be specified, but the following are some particular misconfigurations known to cause this error.

  • Cache data: Sometimes cached data is the thing behind this error because Netflix stores scripts, images, and other media files on your device. There are more chances that the cached data on your device might be causing the issue by interfering with the service.
  • Netflix App data is corrupted: Usually, Netflix error code UI-113 indicates that your device has an issue with the Netflix app, or the data stored by the app has been corrupted.
  • Internet Connection: The weak internet connection could also be responsible for this error. Sometimes using VPN, Proxy networks slow down the internet connection of your device which ends on UI-113 error code.

Now, you know everything about this error, let’s get into the details of each solution.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-113

Obviously, you want to get rid of this error and you can do this by some simple methods. So try the below steps one by one to fix Netflix Error UI-113:

Fix 1: Restarting Your Streaming Device

Sometimes the error may be caused by your streaming device. There may be a bug or some loading problem that could prevent it from connecting to the internet, so I recommend that you try these steps:

  • Unplug your device from power for at least 5 minutes.
  • plug in your streaming device and see if Netflix works.

Now, Go to the Netflix app and try to stream any video. If the Netflix error UI-113 still appearing then try some more steps mentioned below.

Fix 2: Reset or Sign out of Netflix.

Sometimes signing out of Netflix, and then signing back in, is sufficient to refresh your data and clear this error. There is no option for certain devices to sign out of Netflix.

Instead, you can reset your Netflix settings with these devices. This updates the data and enables you to sign in back.

  • After Sign in to Netflix
  • Tap on the More icon and choose Accounts.
  • Scroll down under Settings

Netflix error code UI-113

  • Tap sign out of all devices.

After following the above methods, Login again with your account and try to stream any video. If error code UI 113 still appears then go to the next steps.

Fix 3: Disconnecting VPN, Proxy

If you are connected through a ‘Virtual Private Network‘ or ‘Proxy server‘, then disconnect it immediately and try to reach Netflix again. Sometimes if you are linked via another server, the device will have issues linking to the web.

The internet speed gets slow which creates a network interruption while streaming on the Netflix app. Netflix is not an ordinary platform that you fool it by using a VPN.

It prevents their content from all users trying to access other regions.

So, the basic troubleshooting step is to disconnect the VPN and try to reach Netflix again. I hope your Netflix error UI-113 gets fix after applying this method.

Fix 4: Clear the Netflix App Data

Netflix stores some require files in the app data cache and sometimes this data gets corrupted and we get this error. This step is the most effective way to fix this Netflix error.

Follow the below steps to clear the app cache:

  • Navigate settings on your device and select the app.
  • Select the app manager.Netflix error UI-113
  • Tap on the Netflix app and select “Clear Data” to clear the cache.

Note:-  Clearing app data will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.

Clearing cache on Amazon Fire TV devices

  • Press the Home button on the Amazon Fire TV remote.
  • Scroll right and select Settings.
  • Scroll right and select Applications.
  • Tap on Manage installed applications.
  • Find and select the Netflix app.
  • Scroll down and select Clear data.
  • Select Clear data again.
  • Scroll down and select Clear cache.
  • Unplug your Amazon Fire TV from power for 30 seconds
  • Plug your Amazon Fire TV back in, then try Netflix again.

Try to Stream the video again to see your error is fixed or not.

or a ROKU device

  • Press the home button five times on your remote.
  • Press the up arrow button one time.
  • Press the fast rewind button two times.
  • Press the fast forward button twice
  • The Roku will restart.

Solution 5: Reinstall Your Netflix App

If the Netflix error UI-113 still appears then the problem should be with the Netflix app itself.

Some devices do not deactivate the app, but you can not reinstall if you use any of them. However, reinstalling the app could solve your problem if the device does allow you.

This is also necessary in some cases where clearing the cache doesn’t fix the problem. You can follow your device’s uninstallation process to uninstall the Netflix app then reinstall it.

Note: You may lost your download data if you uninstall your Netflix app.


So, the above are the most effective ways to fix the error code UI-113 on your streaming device. If you still getting this error code, You need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or submit a ticket on the Netflix website about your issue.

Let me know in the comments section how you resolve this issue on your device. If your solution is helpful I will surely add your method to the above list.

You will also be able to comment on your queries below.

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